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Wildlife Photography E-Book

Wildlife Photography E-Book

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An extensive e-book about wildlife photography and ecology to help you improve your photography skills

Are you struggling to find your way into the world of wildlife photography? Or feeling a bit stuck and in need of fresh ideas, challenges, or some creative spark? Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced photographer, our comprehensive Wildlife Photography E-Book will help you to improve.

We've taken the difficult genre of wildlife photography and made it accessible to everyone by focusing on urban environments. We share our personal experiences, handy tips, and secret techniques, covering everything from choosing the right equipment to building the perfect composition. Our e-book goes beyond technical settings, emphasizing the importance of lighting, perspective, visual creativity, and storytelling.

As a bonus, we've included a 17-week photography challenge booklet/journal to give you that extra boost on your path to becoming a better wildlife photographer. Week by week, chapter by chapter, step by step, you'll learn more about gear, settings, and artistic techniques in wildlife photography.

Both the e-book and the booklet are available in English and German! So, what are you waiting for? Start uncovering the wild wonders hidden in your urban surroundings today!

You can find a PREVIEW of the e-book here!

What's included?

  • Working with wildlife & ethical behaviour when capturing nature & wildlife
  • Which camera is the one for you including camera equipment
  • All important camera settings from automatic to fully manual
  • How to work with environmental factors such as light & weather
  • Image Design, Storytelling & Composition Techniques
  • EXTRA: Eco 101 with ecological definitions
  • EXTRA: field trips & animal portraits
  • BONUS: Photo Challenge Booklet/Journal
  • Everything is available in English & German

How does it work?

After purchasing our e-book you will receive an e-mail including a download link. Simply download the zip file, unzip it and you will have access to four PDF-files: the e-book (both in English and German) as well as the challenge booklet (both in English and German).

If you need any assistance, run into problems, or have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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