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Zwei Zebras - Preset Package

Zwei Zebras - Preset Package

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High quality Lightroom Presets & Editing Educationals to take your photos to the next level

Capturing the perfect photo requires more than just clicking the shutter button. When shooting in RAW, the results appear flat and free of emotion. This is where editing comes into play, elevating the art of photography and allowing to craft your unique visual style.

Balancing post-processing is a delicate task. Over the years, we have optimised our presets to achieve a natural yet distinct and clean look. Each set is tailored to highlight the predominant colours in the image (Kalahari Orange, Pacific Blue, and Yasuní Green).

Our preset package is not meant to be a mere replication of our style, but a means of discovering your own visual style.

You can find a PREVIEW of the preset guide here!

What's included?

1 basic preset for Lightroom Classic & Lightroom Mobile

3 high quality colour-concentrated preset bundles* for
Lightroom Classic & Lightroom Mobile
- Kalahari Orange
- Pacific Blue
- Yasuní Green
*Each preset set comes in three different graduations (soft - medium - strong)

3 Black & White presets

9 bonus masking tools for Lightroom Classic

Installation manuals for:
- Lightroom Classic
- Lightroom Mobile
- Bonus Masking Tools

Tips & tricks to achieve the best results with our presets

A before & after catalogue of photos edited with our presets

2 Video tutorials

How does it work?

After purchasing our preset package you will receive an e-mail including a download link. Simply download the zip file, unzip it and follow the installation manual in the included PDF file (available in German and English).

If you need any assistance with the installation process or have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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Customer Reviews

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More than "just" a Preset Package

So far I've struggled with presets, but with this package Anskar and Lea explain exactly what is important and how their presets help you to find your own editing style.

The masking tools in particular were a real game changer for me, because they tease that certain something out of my pictures and have given me a better understanding how to separte the important from the unimportant picture elements.

For me, the preset package is a real enrichment and it spurs me on to work more with presets myself and to continue working on my own style.

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